My wedding registry is two-thirds freeze-dried camping food.

My fiance and I are planning our wedding relatively quickly (less than four months from engagement to wedding), so some aspects of it have received less attention than others. Our strategy is to make decisions quickly and move on instead of agonizing over them. (That is not totally honest. In reality, our decision-making process looks like this: I go back and forth between options for a couple of days, have the same conversation with my fiance eight times, read online wedding forums, and call my sister. We make a decision, and then we have the same conversation three more times before he convinces me to move on.)

And that is how we ended up with a wedding registry consisting mostly of freeze-dried camping food.

We created a wedding website about a month ago, when we sent out electronic “save-the-date” messages. Soon after, with about two months to go until the wedding, we tackled the task of posting registry information to the website.

We definitely didn’t want china or towels or anything like that–we already spend a fair amount of time trying to get rid of the things we accumulate so that we ourselves will fit into our apartment. We decided to register at a wine shop and at REI (we may not need household stuff, but we can always use more wine and gear). It turned out to be hard to find things we wanted from REI that were in an appropriate wedding gift price range, so I registered for tons of freeze-dried camping food.

I will be really excited if people buy it for us. We do a lot of backpacking, and I’m too cheap to buy a lot of freeze-dried food. It doesn’t make sense, because if we stayed in town for the weekend we’d easily spend more on food than we do for a weekend of camping. Nonetheless, I usually stand in front of the freeze-dried food display for 10 minutes collecting things and then putting them back because I decide they are too expensive. We’ll just eat Clif bars for breakfast. And who needs dessert? (Camping-me does, but preparing-for-camping-me is ascetic). I’m also  averse to carrying extra weight and cleaning dishes, so we end up eating a lot of cold food.

It may seem unusual, but I’m looking forward to a summer of feasting on fancy camping breakfasts, dinners, and desserts that I would never buy for myself. Not only that, if we are ever trapped inside the apartment or there is a serious food shortage in Seattle, we’ll be in a good position.


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