Three things I’m proud of that I shouldn’t be.

1. Walking through revolving doors. I know this is something many, many people do on a daily basis without a second thought. But I can’t help it–whenever I walk through a revolving door I’m briefly conscious of the coordination, timing, and balance I bring to the task. I feel like anyone watching must be impressed.

2. Dressing appropriately for the weather when running. This is especially ridiculous because I live in Seattle, where the weather is literally the same 60 percent of the year. Nonetheless, I feel like I’ve really figured something out in life. I only wear a handful of things running: a hooded lightweight jacket, capri-length pants, a wool hat or a quick-drying baseball cap. Paired with the right shirt–from a tank top to a long-sleeved merino wool T-shirt–this combination gets me through almost any conditions. And makes me proud of my dressing skills.

3. Using rolling file shelves. For those who don’t spend as much time in law firm offices as I do, I’m talking about these. They are not complicated. But I used to be sort of confused by them, not to mention scared of being crushed. Now, I feel a distinct sense of accomplishment when I stroll into a file room and confidently start rolling the shelves around to access files. (Just to be safe, I still rehearse in my head how I’ll react if someone fails to notice my presence and inadvertently tries to crush me between shelves.)


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