No. 97 on the list of parts of daily life I don’t understand.

Every time I go to the gym, I’m asked if I want to use a locker. I almost never do, except when it’s really cold out and I had to wear a bulky coat to walk to the gym.

What can I say? I come prepared–I change into my workout clothes at home and only bring what I need with me. I don’t understand why so many people need a locker. Can’t they leave their excess baggage at home? I guess it’s possible that a lot of people don’t go straight from home to the gym, so they need to change their clothes. I’m also given to understand that many people like to shower immediately after working out,  so maybe they are using lockers to stow shower supplies as well.

But the really mystifying part is that they don’t just ask if I want a locker, they also ask if I have a preference for which locker I’d like to use.

I sincerely can’t understand why anyone would care which locker they use at my gym. I myself can’t muster the slightest preference, though I often feel as if I’m disappointing the helpful gym employees.

Keep in mind, you can’t store things in these lockers from day to day, so nobody needs to use a particular locker because their things are already in it. The lockers are all the same size, and it’s not like there is a fancy new wing of the locker room and an old section in need of repairs. It’s all the same. It’s not that big; no lockers require substantially more travel than other lockers. No part of the locker room is visible from outside (I wouldn’t want to use a locker in the part you could see in either).

I’ve never asked anyone about this, so maybe I’m missing something obvious. I just totally don’t get it. But, at the risk of sounding too judgmental, I think that if you care at all about using the same locker every time you go to the gym, it’s probably time to shake things up a bit.


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