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ImageI was going through some old files yesterday and found an ultrasound picture of my daughter from exactly a year ago today. I was 8 weeks pregnant. She was a blobby bundle of cells, 17 millimeters long, a quiet parasite in my abdominal cavity with a hummingbird heart beating away.

One year later, she is more than two feet long and weighs 13.5 pounds. By my rough calculation, that is 47,000 calories of toast, bananas, cookies, Mapo Tofu, and other delicious food I consumed over the last year that somehow turned into a yelling, grabbing, laughing, curious, energetic tiny person.


Here you go, Mom.

Lulu and I went for our first hike today. She’s finally big enough at 4 months to use the comfortable Ergo carrier and it was a brilliant fall day, sunny and clear and cool.

I realized there was nothing keeping us—now that she’s mostly over the phase in which she would only eat while lying on the floor next to me—from going out to enjoy the weather and get some exercise. So we drove to a local hill and went for a short hike.

Some stats on our little excursion:

  • Number of admiring comments on the trail: I’m not sure exactly, but a sufficiently gratifying amount. Yes, thank you, my baby is cute, and I am a can-do mom.
  • Number of alarmed looks: one or two. It was a bit slippery on the way down.
  • Number of ice-cold baby feet and hands: four. Sorry, my girl; lesson learned. Next time we’ll try something warmer than socks on your feet and nothing on your hands.
  • Number of elderly gentlemen and their small grandsons who witnessed me trying to breastfeed a crying baby in the front seat of my car in the trailhead parking lot: two.
  • Number of bloodcurdling screams from the backseat on the way home from the trail: approximately 700.
  • Number of Hello Kitty Jelly Bellies consumed in response to said screams: one small bag.

Overall, I’d call it a moderate success. It was nice to get out in the woods and get some exercise, and we both stayed relatively happy throughout (minus the screaming on the ride home). No one ended up covered in poop, starving, or even particularly cranky. But small successes like these sometime bring home how different my life has been since having a baby, and how life with her often feels like I’m learning how to do everything all over again.

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