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News flash!

Have you heard that everything changes when you have a kid? Seriously, everything does.

Since my husband and I moved in together I’ve been making an annual photo book for his Christmas stocking (the most important part of my childhood Christmas, a tradition he has adopted wholeheartedly after a year or two of my direct instruction subtle encouragement), with pictures from our year.

My Christmas photo book isn’t the work of art that our wedding photo book or 75-page photo book memorializing our departed cat Sascha were. It’s usually last-minute and a bit sketchy as a record of the year, since we tend to take a lot more pictures when we go on an interesting trip than we do from day to day. But it is fun, and I think that as the years pass we’ll enjoy looking back at them.

I’m in the middle of making this year’s book and one difference is that I have approximately 3000 times the usual number of pictures to wade through, because Lulu was born in June.

And, halfway through making the book, I remembered that it’s not just the two of us any more. We’re three now! A family! What’s more, our baby will get older, will learn how to read, and will probably see my Christmas photo books in the future.

So I decided not to write anything too honest mean about the hard parts of getting used to life with a new baby, or anything about how it put an end to all the fun we used to have, as evidenced by the contents of said photo books up until June 2013 and after (just kidding, daughter reading this in the future! Life is much better now, of course!).

I’m also thinking about what she might like to see in 50 or 60 years when we’re old and decrepit or maybe even gone, and she has remained as fond of us as she seems to be now.

So, different, but in this case, maybe a little sweeter. Now, if only she will keep napping for 30 more minutes so I can finish this photo book.


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