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Ups and downs.

About a month ago, we were really getting into a good daily routine. I never felt like taking a nap anymore; I was cooking and getting out for a walk almost daily; I was running several times a week; and it started to seem slightly less impossible to accomplish the simplest daily tasks.

And then—Lulu started sleeping horribly, we all got colds, and then I got a stomach bug, which Lulu also caught. Result: I spent the last few weeks feeling like I could never quite climb out of a hole of exhaustion. (On the bright side, after not eating for three days, my pre-pregnancy jeans are suddenly a lot more comfortable.)

It was a bummer to backslide so thoroughly just when it felt like we were approaching normal life. Especially this last week, when I was sick and then Lulu was sick and we hardly left the house or ate any real food. By the end of the week, I was pretty sure having a baby had been a grave mistake.

But, then I got two decent nights of sleep, and just like that, things are looking up. I’ve begun to rejoin life. We went to brunch with friends, I got a pedicure, we went to IKEA, and I cooked my first batch of baby food. We resumed watching Breaking Bad (everyone was not lying: it is awesome).

And we’re going on a mini-vacation to Vancouver later this week, and then we’re taking Lulu on her first flight to visit my parents, and then it’s time for cold weather and snow and all my favorite holiday events like dancing around the living room when the Nutcracker is on television and performing a private sing-it-yourself Messiah for any neighbors within earshot. My two new nieces will arrive. And, before the winter is over, Lulu will be crawling and eating real food and maybe even standing or saying her first words (or at least something that sounds like a word). It doesn’t sound terrible. I won’t go so far as to say having a baby was the best idea I’ve ever had, but I’m reconsidering my position.


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