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An Easy Photo Project for a New Home

Two of my favorite things about living in my old apartment in Seattle were the view (Elliott Bay and the Pike Place Market sign) and runs along the waterfront (most often, north through the Olympic Sculpture Park, Myrtle Edwards Park, and Elliott Bay Park until I reached the grain elevator and turned around).

Those two things made me feel lucky all the time. I loved watching the ferries glide by outside our window, and I loved noting where the ship at the grain elevator was from each time I ran by–Peru, Greece, Russia–and trying to imagine life on board, full of sad men and foreign sounds.

So when we realized we might move, we started taking photos of the view and of the grain elevator from roughly the same position on different days, thinking we could come up with some kind of fun project for the photos.

What I ended up doing was simple: I chose seven photos from each series, ordered 4×6 prints, and put them into simple glass “clip” frames.

I hung them in two rows in the entry way to our apartment.

To hang them evenly, I taped two threads horizontally to the wall to use as guides, which worked pretty well. I used 3M Picture Hanging Strips to hang the pictures, which also helped, because I didn’t have to worry about positioning nails perfectly (or putting a bunch of holes in the wall).

Here’s the result:

And, in context:

Simple, but I think it looks nice. Even better, it’s a nice way to bring a favorite part of our old home into our new one, and I’ve been enjoying it every time I walk by.


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